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Hello, we are Robert (Rob) and Rosalind (Roz) Harris and we have been serving the Lord for over 12 years through music, writing, preaching and evangelism. This site is a composition of our efforts.

Rob is an ordained elder and Roz is a licensed evangelist. Roz is a church "brat" who mother was a church musician and she been informed in ministry since the age of 3 years old. Rob found the Lord later and life, and through Roz, became more involved and they often try to serve together.

Their journey began with the establishment of Highway Music. Roz was writing music and wanted an outlet to distribute her work. Then, they became assigned the Evangelism Department at their church and started developing literature and training classes. This evolved into the full length literary works, which are offered here. R. Harris Publishing was established to distribute our various offerings of books, brochures, music, online sermons and conversation. Currently several books are available for your purchase. They can be purchased at Amazon.com and through this site.

Our goal is to be encouraging to other Christians who have surrendered their life to God. We want to equip you with some tools that will assist you with your ministry and encourage you along the way.


You can see and read about the various offerings available by going to our Books page. If you look below, a short preview of each book will rotate through on display.

Christianity 101

Christianity 101

The objectives of this book are to teach new believers about the core basics of Christianity. Every Christian should have an academic knowledge of who God is, what his name is, and his relationship to his Son and the Spirit. Every Christian should know why he is saved and who he is indebted to for his salvation. This book also gives the rudimentary understaning of Christian activities, including prayer and the holy ordinances. It defines sin and the enemy of Christ, and above all, it explains the purpose and empowerment of every Christain within the church body.


The Nephilim: The Rise of the Fallen

The future has become the present. In the dark alleys designed and once used for abortions, men clone and engineer humans genetically and lie about it. This book challenges society to face the fact that science and religion have no respect for the law because it has failed society. Through the process of cloning and genetic engineering, the fallen angels have returned. The Nephilim are real. Science has resurrected them and now the world must deal with them and the other collateral creatures created. Susan Stanton-Mikels was raped and inpreganted. Her children were abused and misused by the Cloning Conditioning Association. No one has paid a greater price for research than Susan. But she at least has the opportunity for a peaceful and prosperous life. James Denton has the answers to why these things happened to Susan. He is partly responsible and so are we.

Why Are You 
        Looking For The Vase When God Has Given Clay?

Why Are You Looking for the Vase When God Has Given Clay?

This book contains five congruent but stand alone pieces, which address quality of life issues as presented by the author. It provides spiritual insight and purpose to marriage, work, parenthood, and ministry. We look for perfection in our lives, especially when it comes to choosing a mate. Usually after suffering through a botched relationship, we realize that God has a plan for us. Sometimes this plan includes putting people in our lives that are not perfect; people that are in raw form. God has placed us in charge of helping them find Christ and reaching their Christian potential. The author follows by extending that theme to our children and colleagues. The book offers a better way of life, proof that we are not a product of our environment and proof that God has a divine plan for us all. The author helps us all see that our identitiy comes from Christ.

What's Wrong With The Church?

What's Wrong With The Church?

I wrote this book to lower the expectations of the Church goer. We are imperfect beings and therefore our Church involvement will fall short of God's glory. The building does not save you, the worship and praise is not what saves you. It is your belief in the savior Jesus Christ and your willingness to serve him. Attend Church seeking the salvation of the Lord. If every member or visitor comes to Church with the understanding that we are all sinners saved by grace and therefore members behavior may not always be appropriate, the member will begin to understand that we all have an obligation to make it better. Seek God's favor with a passion. It is what fuels us. A Church without passion is like a car without fuel.

Christian Relationships: Marriage and Motherhood

This book is written for Christian couples seeking a sound family lifestyle. It defines Christian marriage and motherhood, even though society and Satan have adopted them and modified them into an institution of negotiations, financial litigations, adultery and fornication. This book brings the family back into the God-designed basics. It delineates the roles and responsibilities and defines the basic architecture. It entails common mistakes and how to avoid or repair them. It gives hope to the most hopeless relationship by reminding the reader that God can do anything but fail.


Highway Music was first established in around 1995 to distribute the first project, "Peace In The Storm". We have folded everything into R Harris Publishing. For more information and to listen to the tracks, click on the link below:

Sermons & Christian Thoughts

Rob, along with Roz, was in charge of the Evangelism Department at their church. While in that position, Rob would speak at convalescent homes and community missions on a regular basis. To continue his ministry, Rob decided to "preach" through the internet. He started a blog site to convey his thoughts concerning the Bible and christianity in general.

Sermon and Christian Thoughts Blog
Self publishing is a difficult task. You are all on your own and have to search for outlets for your product, advertising, etc. We have learned many things, but are always seeking more information as to how to be successful in getting the word to as many people as possible. Share your thoughts and success with us. Go to our Writer's Blog and let us know how you are getting things out and various things that have been successful for you.

Currently, the books are available for your purchase. They can be purchased at Amazon.com and through this site on the e-store.

Our goal is to be encouraging to other Christians who have surrendered their life to God. We want to equip you with some tools that will assist you with your ministry and encourage you along the way.

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